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Le Clos des Buis has had a makeover, thank you very much to everyone who contributed to this renovation from near and far

Géraldine Volff-Rouat our decorator and interior designer logo.png

Ara Construction Drywaller and paints

Matthieu Sauvagnac plumbing, heating engineer

Serge Codet and Romain electricity

Laurence and Alexandre Koch Ombre & Lumière, Laurence K waxed concrete

Karine and Olivier Bidal Material to Color Stretch Ceilings

Julien Carrié and his Charpentier team

Denis Segier Carpenter

Philippe Maradenne , Rémy (everblue) Swimming pool attendant

Brondel Frères Masonry

Vivianne H&H Montauban

Claude Carré Blanc Cahors

Benjamin, Marie Hélène, Nadège, Häcker Cahors kitchens

Guiral Espère furniture

Porcelain factory of Puy l'Evêque

Michèle Seig ne Ambiance & Styles Cahors

Jean Claude Cortade'Art Gallery

Henry Fleuriste Cazals fleurs-thé

Eva Fourment Run'Arts without whom this site would not exist ;-)

Jean-Philippe and Pascal

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